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Welcome to S.M.N.C. College of Education

An institute to train secondary teachers was founded in June, 1970 in an acient town Darbhavati which is situated thirty two kilometers away in east from a civilized city, Vadodara.This ancient town has a glorious past such as an architechture of a mathless sculptor Hiradhar, Garbies (poems) of a devoted poet Dayaram, good administration from Maharaja Vishaldev to Maharaja Gayakvad,and prosperity of the famous vessel industry. Initialy this college used the building of arts and science college and then it had given fund for its own building by the owner of old electricity company.

The college has a “culture club” that take care of the various extra-curricular activities of the college. This gives the students a platform to develop their talents and canalize their energies constructively.." Cultural activities "

Academic Program

A variety of teaching and learning techniques are employed to impart in depth knowledge and good professinal skills to students at S.M.N.C College of education in its various departments.


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Teaching Methodology

The trainees who are weak at their content based subjects are informally called and guided specially to solve the weaknesses.


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Student Corner

Students at S.M.N.C experience a wide variety of experience by active participation in a variety of activities organized for the students and by the students.


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Anual Fucnction



Class Teaching